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Rubery Radio’s
Pen to Paper

Rubery Radio’s ‘Pen to Paper’ is interested in receiving your new writing in authentic community voices for broadcast. Please follow the guidelines below before submitting for potential inclusion in the programme.

Rubery Radio’s Pen to Paper

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Guidelines for submission:
1. You work should be submitted in the form of an audio file. It is possible to make a suitable recording on, for example, most mobile phones. You do not necessarily need fancy professional recording facilities. (Please see further details in the section below, “About your recording”).

2. You may read your work yourself or ask a friend, a member of your family or another suitable person to do this for you. If you are submitting a script, you will need multiple voices. As stated above, we are interested in authentic voices from the community.

3. Once we receive your audio file, we will listen to it and decide whether it is suitable to be included in a  future programme. If your work is chosen to be included, we will let you know when it will be broadcast.

4. You may submit shorts stories, extracts from novels and novellas, scripts and poetry.

5. By submitting your work to ‘Pen to Paper’ you are giving permission for its broadcast by Rubery Radio.

6. You must only submit writing that is original and produced by yourself.

7. We reserve the right to edit work as appropriate.

8. About your recording:
• Length – the recording of your work can be as short as you wish but no longer than 15 minutes
• Recording device -mobile phone or computer or any other suitable device, provided it will allow you to submit your recording in WAV or MP3 format
• Recording location – in the quietest place available to you with no background noise
• How to start your recording – The speaker should start by saying: “3, 2, 1” and then leave a silent gap of 1 to 2 seconds before giving the name of the work and the name of the writer (e.g. “An
extract from The Tool Shed Vacation by Emilie Johnson”) and then leave another 1 to 2 seconds before beginning.
• How to end your recording – At the end of the recording the speaker should leave a silent gap of 1 to 2 seconds and then say “cut”.
• Listen to your recording – Once you have completed a recording, listen back carefully. Is it clear enough – can your words be understood? What about the pace – too fast, too slow or just right and
appropriate to the material? And the tone – does it fit well with what you are trying to convey? Are there a lot of mistakes? – in which case it is a good idea for the speaker to rehearse the piece several times before trying again.
• Re-record – Please don’t be afraid to make several attempts at your work and choose the best to submit. Ultimately, you have worked hard on your writing and you will want it to sound right.
• Submission – attach your audio file (WAV or MP3) to an email and send to In the email please offer a few details about yourself that may be of interest to the listening public. We will acknowledge receipt of your email within 24hrs.
• Any questions???? – please drop us an email if you have any questions about the recording and submission process and we will do our best to help.

Good luck. We are waiting to hear from you. 

Submit your work to us at